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The Selene

Starting at $475 USD  (377 GBP)

Celebrating your story means celebrating the diversity of Pagan marriage rites. Over the years, I have become well verse in a wide range of ceremonial practices rooted in traditions such as Celtic, Asatru (Norse), Hindu, Buddhist, Wiccan, Spiritualist, Druid, Peyote, Naturalist, Omnist, Satanist, and more. Every love story is unique and deserves to be celebrated in a way that reflects your practice and path. This package includes customized unity ceremonies and elongated scripts for rituals and magic. ​


4 - 6 Virtual (or in person) Meetings with me 

An original, unique, romantic ceremony script 20 -45minutes long. 

Assistance with Vows (Including private vow writing sessions with you both individually.) 

Marriage License Guidance 

Name Change Guide 

Custom Handfasting Cord Included 

Elongated script to involve traditions or unity ceremonies ​


Add on as many rituals as you would like to include*

Add on a fully supplied (borrowing) altar $200 USD (plus shipping for travel couples)

Add on an astrology report for your marriage, additional $200

* I only charge for additional rituals if I have to supply the ritual items.

Get Inspired

Some of the amazing ways my previous couples have customized their Selene!

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