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the Ultimate Guide to

getting hitched in the Centennial State. 

you have Options...

Did you know, there are four ways you can become legally wed in the fantastic state of Colorado:


one: Self Solemnized

In Colorado you can do the whole d*mn thing yourself! You don't need me, or witnesses, or anyone. You can go to the clerk & recorder's office, get your license, bring it out to the mountains with your favorite hiking boots and doggo, share vows privately, sign the license and be wed. Or you can just sign it at the courthouse right there, BAM, done!

Self Solemnizing is a good path for couples who have been together a while or just do not feel the need for a sort of "event" to their little big day. I recommend hiring a photographer at least to capture the little moments, even if you just sign at the courthouse and get lunch afterwards at your favorite pizza spot. 

how I help with it: by offering self solemnization script writing and vow editing. I will happily write you a script to self deliver and edit your personal vows to share energy and length. I offer this service at a discounted rate to my typical pricing, so reach out if you are interested!

two: A friend, either two or four legged

In many states a friend can get ordained online and marry you. Colorado is no different. BUT, did you know that in Colorado, your dog (or cat) can be your witness? You can wed before their doting little eyes and stamp their little (or big) paw print on your license to make it legal. 

The "friend" officiant is a good path for couples who have a shared dear friend who has been close to their relationship for sometime. Especially if that friend is a good public speaker. 

how I help with it: by offering officiant mentorships, even for the BFF or brother that only plans to marry you guys and not make a career of it. I offer training sessions on how to build the best script, manage altar slip ups and provide a professional yet personal experience for you and your guests on your wedding day. Ask me about Mentorships!

three: a religious official or magistrate

The courthouse wedding is immensely popular in Colorado. Keep in mind when considering this option that you will not be able to choose your date, the courts will give you lists of availability for Margistrates and Judges and you will get to choose between them. This script WILL NOT be customized but you will be given the opportunity to share your own personal vows. 

Religious officials wed couples within their church all the time, typically with the requirement that the couple becomes a member of the congregation or at least attends premarital counseling with the official. 

how I help with it: I know a bit about the clerks and courts and if you need a point in the right direction, I am happy to provide it! If you are looking for a religious official (pastor/priest/etc) or if you want to have a combination wedding with co-officiants, reach out! 

four: Hire Me!

If you are looking for a wedding officiant who will "... go above and beyond in ensuring everything down to the last detail is executed the way you want it to be" and "...get to know you on a personal level" so they can write you a script that is "personal and interconnected to [y]our relationship core values" someone who will  provide "a huge support" for you and "make you feel at home"... well, my reviews say it all then... SMASH that contact button!

how I help: I get to know my couples in a series of chats, 3-4 either in person or virtual (depending on your location and schedule) and structure a ceremony that is custom to your vibe. Together, we will read and edit the script before the ceremony so it is 100% yours. I will guide your through getting your license, through writing vows and through the emotional upheaval of wedding stress. We got this!

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