Love Letters

Sweet Words from My Couples & Vendors

Finding Olivia and "Let There Bee Love" was an act of the Universe! We knew we wanted a non traditional, yet spiritual wedding and surprisingly these searches led us to exactly the opposite of what we were looking for. The Denver market needed an officiant and planner like Olivia! She breaks the mold of traditional and crafts a divinely guided experience for her couples. I was lucky enough to be one of them! Olivia took the time to get to know my now husband and I over multiple, intentional Zoom/in person meetings and made sure very early on that she was a right fit for us as much as we were for her. She is honest, gentle, extremely caring and wildly talented with her writing. On the day of, Olivia was our emotional rock at the altar. She made sure we had nothing to worry about other than locking eyes with one another and truly soaking in this precious and fleeting moment. We love you Olivia! (shoutout to Phillip for also providing moral support and coordination!) 

Sutherlan, bride

Liv is so full of love and made every part of our experience and ceremony amazing!!! We had an amazing time planning our ceremony with you and the ceremony you wrote and created for us on our special day is something we will cherish forever, you truly captured our love and I cannot thank you enough!!!!! Liv you are amazing!!!! I highly recommend anyone looking for an amazing officiant to capture your love.

Stephanie, bride

Liv was so helpful with our elopement- Including FaceTiming us to get to know our relationship so she could make our ceremony more personal, sending links for fun things to do around the area of our elopement, giving us how to’ son writing our vows, and so much more! She and her husband even traveled a few hours to where we were staying to make the weekend an anniversary get away since our wedding date was on a week day. She is so easy to talk to and was available to me anytime I needed to ask questions! :D We couldn’t have asked for a more caring, down to earth person to officiate our wedding! We highly recommend Liv! 

Alexa, bride

Amazing! Helped me out so much before, during, and even after the ceremony! Compassionate, loving, and truly cares about her couples! Even helped with the littles! Went above and beyond! Hire her! You rock, Olivia!

Haliegh, Photographer

Ian, Groom

Getting married? You've probably booked your main vendors, venues,  food choices, dresses, tux’s flights, and a plethora of other must-haves. I just went  through it with Stephanie, my—now—wife at the end of August. One of the items we  neglected to explore when we started planning 11 months before our wedding, was  having an officiant. My wife and I are not religious, but we were planning a small (about  60 people) intimate wedding at Deer Creek Mountain Camp in Bailey, CO and wanted an  officiant for our ceremony even though Colorado does not require a certified officiant  to sign a marriage license.

Fast forward to the end of May 2021 (about 90 days before  our wedding) when Stephanie reached out to an officiant named Liv, the proprietor of  “Let There Bee Love” with an inquiry. This is where the story really begins. We  scheduled an introductory zoom meeting with Liv and after the first few minutes of  chatting with her, I realized two things: first, I had no idea how many details really went  into a wedding ceremony, and second, that we personally needed someone to help us  figure out and achieve the ceremony we wanted to have.

Traditionally, an officiant  would strictly be at a wedding for the ceremony and signing the official wedding  certificate, but with Liv, that is just the beginning. After our first meeting, we decided  to book with her, and it was one of the best decisions we made for the wedding. After  booking, we decided to have Liv write the story of us (her idea) to read to our guests  at the ceremony. My wife and I have a colorful background which we were hoping to  share with our guests in a plateable way. We had multiple follow up meetings with Liv  where she got to know us through questions and fun exercises at our leisure. Despite  oversharing, after the 4th meeting, Liv had a rough draft of our story for the  ceremony that she was as excited to share with us as we were to read it. I made it  about 3 sentences in before getting choked up, and after getting to the end, my wife  and I both agreed that we wanted her to use that draft and not change a thing.

It  might be cliche to say, but Liv understands love, and as she likes to say, she loves love.  Additionally, she was able to help us create a wholly unique ceremony by allowing us to  choose various traditional wedding functions and apply them to us. We chose to say  our vows in private and perform a hand wrapping during the ceremony, which Liv  catered to us specifically. She’ll also match the wedding colors per your request and  can provide many additional wedding planning resources where needed. On the day  of, everything went exactly as planned, and Liv even helped corral the wedding party  when it was time to start, walked with me down the aisle (providing both moral and  physical support) and later, helped kick off the toasts at dinner.

Liv also directed us  and helped us scramble to get our marriage certificate before the wedding and held  onto it after the ceremony along with some other precious valuables so we could go  on our Honeymoon without worrying about losing or misplacing those important things.  At your own wedding, things are such a whirlwind that something as simple as holding  on to our own marriage certificate will be very difficult.

Once we got back, we had the  pleasure of meeting up with Liv to pick everything up and have a follow up chat. Liv  helped make our wedding perfect in more ways than I can write. If you are looking for  an officiant in Colorado to cater to you, look no further. I highly recommend Liv for her  wedding planning and officiant services. You’ll know you are in good hands if you  choose her. 

Janessia, Bride

Wow, where to start? First of all, THIS is the woman you need to go to if you're looking for a stellar ceremony and Officiant. She offers so many amazing potential experiences for the needs of any couple, specializing in unconventional weddings, including those of different faiths and lifestyles. My husband and I had one that honored my Pagan faith utilizing The Selene package beautifully. It was personalized down to the last detail.

Liv makes an effort to get to know you on a personal level, and completely tailors your ceremony to YOU. You still get the final say as to what you want your ceremony to include, what things you might want her to say, any sort of rituals you'd like performed, all of it. She will take the time to help you and take everything into her own hands, like planning and vendor coordination, so you don't have to worry. Total lifesaver for this bride, as I started out trying to plan and do everything for my wedding totally solo before I found her.

She's extremely professional and makes sure to check in with you regularly, and is always available for any and all concerns you may have. She is kind, attentive, and always has some awesome ideas and suggestions if you're running short on those. She genuinely at her core cares so much about you as a person, and making your day the most special it can be. She loves love, and being apart of it.

The day of my wedding, my decorations didn't arrive on time. Liv's husband (yes, even her husband cares TONS about you and your wedding. C'mon people, they are amazing) along with other members of her crew, went out of their way to make a trip to the craft store last minute to pull some things together and then decorate the venue according to the vision I was going for. It was so absolutely gorgeous and I am eternally grateful and in her debt. 

ALL of this (and sooo much more) at prices that are absolutely unbeatable. Like, it is mind-blowing how much you get from her for the prices she offers. This woman will even full-on travel to another state or country for you. This is something you most definitely won't find anywhere else. She also has other packages, involving day-of coordinating, which was a major load off of my shoulders for me. We got The Artemis package along with The Selene; again, at absolutely unbeatable prices.

This is the only person I will ever point people to who are looking for someone for their wedding. Someone who genuinely loves what she does, puts ALL of her effort forth, and goes more than the extra mile for you. I'm getting emotional just typing this out because I can't stress enough how precious of a person she has become to myself and my husband. 

Thank you so much for everything, Liv. Conner and I had the most beautiful and perfect day, and it was 100% because of you.

Charlie, Photographer

Liv is such a nice person who really cares about her couples. She is well spoken and the perfect person to marry you! Highly recommend

Just book Liv! Seriously do it now!!

I was getting married for the second time, and I really wanted my second wedding to be more spiritual and meaningful than my first wedding which was a courthouse wedding.

I tried to look for other officiants in the Denver area that would cater to my Pagan beliefs, and it was crazy how I was able to find other non-denominational or Humanist officiants but not a Pagan or Wiccan one.

Liv filled this bill perfectly and was able to customize our ceremony to include traditional handfasting elements while making it to where it wouldn't weird out my very Catholic in-laws.

She really got to know myself and my husband personally over a few in-person meetings and tailored our ceremony perfectly to us.

Liv was also a huge support especially towards the end when things got intense with the wedding planning, and I just loved the support she provided.

Her husband Phil is also amazing as well as being an awesome bartender for our next day reception brunch. We were bummed that he was not able to attend our ceremony with Liv.

Overall, I cannot recommend Liv enough. She's really is the officiant you've been looking for if you need someone who can help you customize your ceremony for your unique spiritual beliefs.

Alisa, bride