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Unique Unity Ceremonies ... 

For The A-Typical  & Awesome

The sand and the candle...every one has seen it done in a movie, tv show or at your cousin's wedding in Texas last year. The Unity Ceremony is a fun little ritual that can be customized far beyond the reaches of sand color or candle height. From Whiskey Blending and First Light (smoke) rituals to Native American Blanket Ceremonies and Wiccan Jump The Broom... clock windings, spell jars and more!


Here is a list of my FAVORITE Unity Rites to consider including in your wedding ceremony to add that uniquely "YOU" touch to the script and the day.

*The Selene Package include's an allowance for unity items included, so you do not have to stress about getting them yourself!

Got Another Idea???

Message me directly to discuss your ceremony, script, and any unity rites you are interested in. I am discovering new Unity Rituals EVERY DAY... so please share if you have found something new you want to try...I promise my answer is YES!

Thanks for submitting!
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