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Welcome to the all about me page! I absolutely suck at these sort of things, so please, bear with me! Let's see, what could you want to know about me...

I was born in upstate New York, raised in Phoenix, Arizona. But I have never really associated much with where I am "from". I very much live in the moment, wherever I am currently, not even really planning for where I am going. 


See, my life has been a series of seasons, huge life changes, burning everything down and starting all over again. It all started when I left a very cultishly Christian childhood home and was "adopted" by a pair of compassionate human beings who taught me that my only limit was myself. 

I got a couple college degrees, one in religious history, one in mythology and symbology, with minors in sociology, Latin and psychology. 

You could say I just liked studying human beings. Especially, through the lens of the search for connection and meaning. I tried on a couple religions throughout the college years, first Buddhism, then Shamanism (I actually became a shaman) and then, finally, witchcraft.  (Keep reading below).

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You're still going? Wow, you're a bada**!

When I introduce myself, I always say I am a "Wife, writer and witch." That is my whole deal. All I truly want to excel at. Being the best possible wife to my creative and kind Sagittarius husband. Fully embracing my passion for writing science fiction literature. And finding new versions of myself in the craft through connection to the Earth beneath my feet and the Universe beyond.

My favorite things about being alive are the sound of rain on a summer afternoon, the taste of a perfectly blended vanilla latte, the smell of fresh pizza dough and the color of a foggy morning. 

People who know me well usually say I am best understood as a strange amalgamation of Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) and Lana Kane (Archer). But I personally associate mostly with characters like Sherlock Holmes (BBC) and Margot Hanson (The Magicians). 

I have been known to repeat the same song for 5+ hours when working on my novel. I actually really enjoy color coordinating my closet, building spreadsheets and creating check lists just so I can cross off simple things that I almost forgot to do, like eat breakfast. 

Seriously, thank you for getting this far...

I am 99.9% certain I am autistic (undiagnosed) so sometimes I don't get a reference or a joke until the awkward silence is long enough to make even me uncomfortable. But I love to laugh! I also love to happy cry, so if you find any videos of people singing/dancing together or puppies being reunited with their owners... please send them to me !

I understand people largely through astrology. And myself largely through poetry. 

I have a cat named Athena that I routinely call anything but her actual name. I usually forget to drink every cup of tea I make. I love to dance but I suck at it. I hate crowds but I am a natural born public speaker. 

I love to travel and have been to Ireland, Iceland, England, France, Italy, Switzerland, and Mexico as well as 46 of 50 states in the US. I speak enough Spanish to order a beer and ask if you have seen my husband nearby. And enough French to apologize for not speaking French. But I am fluent in Latin (yes, Latin) and sarcasm, so that has to count for something.

Marrying people is so much fun to me, every day I go to work is someone's best day ever. I get to know you, to learn about you, to share your story, to be a part of it! I get to watch you becoming something new! United in love and commitment for a lifetime!


My favorite ceremony moments are the one's where we laugh. And I have been known to cry at personal vows because by the time we get to the altar, we're friends!

Okay, well that's more reading than I have patience for even so if you made it this far, I salute you. That's a little bit about me. Liv Moore, the pagan officiant. How'd I do?



How many

To date, 185. All unique scripts. All happy memories. 

How many years
public speaking?

9 total. 3 as a stand up and a singer, 3 as a teacher, 3 as an officiant.

Do you have any 
scripts we can see?

sure! I have 185 scripts, all unique. Just let me know what kind of wedding ceremony script you want an example of (pagan, secular, renewal, elopement, funny, romantic...)


Movie: The Greatest Showman
Song: Restless, Cold War Kids

Color: Forrest Green

Tattoo: My bee!


Drink: Black Manhattan

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