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The Lilith

Flex Contracts Starting at $875 USD 695 GBP

The world and beyond! This package is built for any wedding ceremony that requires me to travel outside of 4 hours roundtrip or internationally. Flex Contracts are issued with a "flex clause" allowing me from the contract date until 100 days prior to your ceremony to provide you with a travel quote including any of the following; flight, train, car travel, lodging and incidentals.

Serving all pagans, asatru, hellenic, spiritualist, druidic, indigenous and  ancient faiths.

3 - 5 virtual meetings with me
An original, unique, romantic ceremony script 15 -45 minutes long.
Assistance with Vows (including private vow writing sessions for you each individually)
Marriage License Guidance
Name Change Guide
Travel by car up to 4 hours round trip

For travel quotes... 

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