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Preferred Vendors: Photographers


Emily is my sister from another mister. If you want your wedding vendors to bring the Hannah and Lily vibes, this is your girl. She is bright and joyful, warm and inviting. I literally jump up and down when I discover a couple has hired us both for a wedding. Freaking do it (in Shia Labouf voice) hire her!

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Mountainspire Elopements

    Hal is the most soulful and spiritually inclined human I know. She lives, loves and captures photos with intention beyond words. She is a rockstar mom of two who travels with her family and creates art. Her husband is also a kickass videographer, just sayin.



    Krista is a self proclaimed "elopement photographer for the nostalgic elder emo". She is creative and funny and a freaking treasure of a human being. Also, she travels globally... hem, Scotland anyone?



    Whit is a freakin' hype woman! One man hype parade! She is talented and sweet and full of energy! I especially love working with her on elopements and adventure weddings as she is not afraid to get mud on her boots or snow in her hair!


        Leann is incredibly talented, approachable and kind. She makes even the most socially awkward couple feel welcomed and celebrated. She and I have worked multiple elopements together as the sole vendors in attendance and we always have the best time with our couples!



          Steph is one badass human being. She is punk, she is rock and roll, she is vinyl records and black vans and a big middle finger to the boring old traditional wedding. I freaking love her entire vibe and, I'm 10000% confident you will too.


            “IT’S JUST YOU & ME, BABY…”

            … aaaaand Ayla with all her cameras.

            Not your typical third wheel. Ayla likes to say she has "perfected the delicate balance of guiding you through angles, poses... and then disappearing into the bushes to get those epic alone-in-the-wilderness shots."

            And she really has. She is so inviting and calming.

            Such a treasure!

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