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Hey! I am Emily, I am a wedding and elopement photographer based in Denver. 

Let me create art out of your relationship and romanticize everything that makes your relationship unique!

My goal is to capture the emotions from your day so that you are able to relive what it felt like through all your photos- I never try to fit you into a box to make you ever pretend to be anything you are not. So let me get to know you and document you in the best possible way by promoting an environment of fun, comfortability, and genuine connection + emotions. 

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Mountainspire Elopements

    As you are thinking about your big day, remember: this day is for you and your spouse. It doesn't matter what everyone thinks you should do, or who you're told to invite, or what kind of food you should offer. It’s about love. It’s about the unity of two souls that are on fire for one another. It’s about your safe place you’ve found...and I am the elopement photographer to capture it.



    Hey there, I am Alexa Jade! I am a destination wedding and elopement photographer based in Northern Colorado. I have a wild sense of adventure and I’m incredibly passionate about sharing your love story with the world! I am constantly inspired by my adventurous couples and their passionate love. My style is bold, vibrant and true to color! So if you're ready to do this thing, take a breath, love deeply and let's go tell your love story.



    My work and style is the opportunity to live in the present while also preserving a moment in time. To share that love and passion with anyone interested in the outdoors is something that just feels, natural.

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      Hi there! My name is Grace. I grew up in the beautiful state of Colorado and have always loved everything the state has to offer. From hiking to fishing to rafting, there's nothing too adventurous for my untamed heart. In all the years of hiking up mountains, the views have never ceased to amaze me. That's why I want to share that beauty with all of you! It is my privilege to be there to witness your love for one another. Moments of the greatest love should be cherished forever!

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      For the laid back + in love! I want to make you feel comfortable in front of the lens and with me… let’s laugh, let’s adventure and let’s create some damn magic!

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      “IT’S JUST YOU & ME, BABY…”

      … aaaaand Ayla with all her cameras.

      Don’t worry. I’m not your third wheel. I have perfected the delicate balance of guiding you through angles, poses, and my best jokes, and then disappearing into the bushes to get those epic alone-in-the-wilderness shots.

      In all seriousness, come to me as you are. All you have to do is bring your bright, beautiful, and fearless selves — I’ll handle the rest.

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