Day of Coordination { and why you need it }

I believe that your wedding should be as unique as your love story. And to honor this, all of my co-ordination packages are completely customizable. See something you love paired with something you don’t? Let me know! I want everything to be just the way you imagined it for your wedding, hand fasting, elopement, vow renewal etc. Additional hours available for additional cost. See the bottom of this page for a full break down of what is included in my services and why hiring a wedding day-of co-ordinator is a bada** move!

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Okay... but, like, do I really need a coordinator though?

Said every single bride I have ever met. It's okay, I'm not offended. I get it, you have a budget, and you want to make sure that what you are spending money on is truly necessary. That being said, you've spent months and months...and let's be real...a f**** ton of money planning this gorgeous day.


So, leaving the execution of events to family, friends...or chance will leave space for frustration and stress that you just can't afford. Many brides rely on family and friends to help carry out plans on the day of their wedding. But remember, your family and friends are your guests too! (They're also not professional event coordinators, usually). They may even be in your party, in which case, they too need time to get ready and even more important, time to spend with you! You want them to be able to enjoy your wedding and not end up feeling like “event staff.”


Thus, a wedding co-ordinator. Different than a planner, my job is to help make sure everything goes according to the plan you have in place. All of my coordination packages come with some assistance planning, materials for planning and timeline creation. So your big day can be a big success!

Wedding Table Setup

But What Do You DO?

How Sh*t gets done, ehm, I mean, Logistics 

As your day-of wedding coordinator, my primary job is to make sure all the logistics of your wedding day are handled. If there are 100 guests coming, for example, I will makes sure there are 100 chairs for their butts to sit in and enjoy the ceremony.

Master of Time (lines) 

Another one of my most important jobs is creating a detailed timeline for the day and making sure everyone, from your family to your vendors, knows the plan, loves the plan, respects the plan and sticks to the plan. For example, if floral delivery is behind, I'm making phone calls, if your hair and make up team is taking too long, I'm the one with the watch and the watchful eye. I will also make sure all your guests are seated on time and ready to watch you walk down that aisle. No Uncle Ed sneaking into the back of the ceremony during the ring exchange.

Attack of the Vendors' (Questions)

They know how to do their job. What they don't know is, where to set up warming trays, where the bathroom is, where the hook ups are for DJ equipment and power supplies. I am the Optimus Primary point of contact for all of your vendors. All questions the vendors have can be fielded to the coordinator so the couple doesn’t have to deal with them. Just making sure they have everything they need to do their jobs according to what was contracted so you can relax and enjoy the bubbly.

6 Rounds, Two Banquets (The Decor)

You have purchased and put together the most darling decor, the sweetest theme, and it's going to be Pinterest perfect.String lights, table runners, vases with florals, antique rugs, wow, what a vision! Now you just need someone to set it all up. It doesn't magically jump from the plastic tubs to the tables. And no, the venue does not (always) do that for you. But I do ;)

Handling the Crazy Sh*t 

This one is a doozy. Putting out fires and troubleshooting issues that take the day from a gorgeous wedding to a total sh*t show, like the veil ripping or the bar running out of bubbly, if someone forgets the marriage contract, if there is a sudden power outage—deep breath, it's my job to handle it. 

But I'm DIYing this thing... 

Yay! Way to go, babe. But you still need someone to oversee your work on the big day. You don't want to pour months of your life into planning this and then still have to be point person on the actual day. You don't, trust me. Otherwise, all that stuff I mentioned up there that started giving you a panic attack, it becomes your problem. And it should never be your problem.



 before the big day

At least three months before your wedding day, you and I meet and choose a package that best first your needs:

The Artemis

Coordinating Basic

$550-$750* Package Value


Best for:
"I mostly got it, I just need a little help"

Under 50 Guests, airBNB/National Park weddings, Under 5 vendors, 5 hours of coordination

The Aphrodite

Coordinating Traditional

$850 - $1,125* Package Value


Best for:
"I need a planning buddy."
20 - 100 Guests, Small Venue Weddings, 5-7 Vendors, 9 Hours of Coordination

The Hera

Coordinating Premium

$1,540 - $1,800 Package Value


Best for:
"This is a lot, help!"

100+ Guests, 7+ Vendors, Large Venues, Traditional Venues, Destination Weddings, 12 hours of Coordination


We start by reviewing the vendor contracts and discuss and create a timeline. I obtain contact information from you for all vendors and your venue.


I will be the point of contact for everyone who is involved in making the day happen from florists to caterers to DJs and more.

I will help create a schedule for your rehearsal, wedding and reception.


I will ensure there is an order of events and MC the whole thing so your guests know exactly what is going on and there are no awkward transitions!

If I am not also your officiant, I will be sure to discuss with the officiant the order for the ceremony and walk everyone through the ceremony at the rehearsal.


This will vary by your needs and the package you have booked:


In my Hera package, I include design and decoration. Ensuring that as vendors arrive the linens, décor, flowers, etc. are arranged according to your vision. The Hera includes the following:



Delivery time, placing and pinning, photographer floral shots, floral relocation after the ceremony, tipping, clean up (getting the florals to you afterwards)


Set up, cake cutting introduction, cake dispersing to guests (after the cutting) tipping, clean up (getting the cake to you afterwards)


Set up, dish placements, allergen management for guests, tipping


Procedures, set up, toasts drinks distribution tipping

The DJ or Band:

Set up, playlists, time-line, MCing, tipping

Shots list, photographer communication and co-ordination for getting ready shots, family and couple portraits, heads up for reception key moment shots

The Guests: I am available 1 hour prior to the ceremony to help guests with:

Directions, where to park, where to place gifts, where to wait to be seated or to seat themselves

THE CEREMONY: I will still assist with the ceremony coordination, aisle timing, party organization etc.

The Reception

After the Ceremony, I will direct your party and guests to their next destination

Provide the photographer with a shots list and see you off to the location for your couples photos.


Between the Ceremony and Dinner:

Ensure guests make their way to the reception hall, find their seats and ensure the caterer/DJ/bartenders are in order

Reception Details:

First Dance


Cake Cutting


Last Dance

Departure Details

Organize the send-off


Who is in charge of taking the gifts, florals, cake etc. (usually, family member/ party member like MOH.)

Who has the marriage license? (usually, me.)

Who is in charge of tipping or paying the vendors? (usually, me.)

Who is in charge of packing up and taking decorations? (usually, family member/ party member like MOH.)

Who is in charge of rented items – like linens, etc? (usually, family member/ party member like MOH.)

Have the caterer and bartender cleaned their areas? Has the venue been communicated with regarding who to contact for lost/found items?

Is everything in order to leave the venue? All contracts complete? All guests sent on their way to their hotels, home or next destination?

Package Pricing

I like to be transparent. Thus, you will find all of my pricing on my website readily available to compare.*


That being said, my prices are built with the amount of care and professionalism that I bring to each wedding solidly in mind.  I hope you will find, they are fair.


I specialize in micro and modest weddings (under 150 guests). If your event is larger, please feel free to reach out and we can discuss options.


Still not sure you need a day of coordinator?

Don't just take it from me. Let the experience of this GROOM speak for itself.

Getting married? You've probably booked your main vendors, venues, food choices, dresses, tux’s flights, and a plethora of other must-haves. I just went through it with Stephanie, my—now—wife at the end of August.

One of the items we neglected to explore when we started planning 11 months before our wedding, was having an officiant. My wife and I are not religious, but we were planning a small (about 60 people) intimate wedding at Deer Creek Mountain Camp in Bailey, CO and wanted an officiant for our ceremony even though Colorado does not require a certified officiant to sign a marriage license.

Fast forward to the end of May 2021 (about 90 days before our wedding) when Stephanie reached out to an officiant named Liv, the proprietor of “Let There Bee Love” with an inquiry. This is where the story really begins.

We scheduled an introductory zoom meeting with Liv and after the first few minutes of chatting with her, I realized two things: first, I had no idea how many details really went into a wedding ceremony, and second, that we personally needed someone to help us figure out and achieve the ceremony we wanted to have.

Traditionally, an officiant would strictly be at a wedding for the ceremony and signing the official wedding certificate, but with Liv, that is just the beginning. After our first meeting, we decided to book with her, and it was one of the best decisions we made for the wedding. After booking, we decided to have Liv write the story of us (her idea) to read to our guests at the ceremony. My wife and I have a colorful background which we were hoping to share with our guests in a plateable way.

We had multiple follow up meetings with Liv where she got to know us through questions and fun exercises at our leisure. Despite oversharing, after the 4th meeting, Liv had a rough draft of our story for the ceremony that she was as excited to share with us as we were to read it.

I made it about 3 sentences in before getting choked up, and after getting to the end, my wife and I both agreed that we wanted her to use that draft and not change a thing. It might be cliche to say, but Liv understands love, and as she likes to say, she loves love. Additionally, she was able to help us create a wholly unique ceremony by allowing us to choose various traditional wedding functions and apply them to us. We chose to say our vows in private and perform a hand wrapping during the ceremony, which Liv catered to us specifically.

She’ll also match the wedding colors per your request and can provide many additional wedding planning resources where needed.

On the day of, everything went exactly as planned, and Liv even helped corral the wedding party when it was time to start, walked with me down the aisle (providing both moral and physical support) and later, helped kick off the toasts at dinner. Liv also directed us and helped us scramble to get our marriage certificate before the wedding and held onto it after the ceremony along with some other precious valuables so we could go on our Honeymoon without worrying about losing or misplacing those important things.

At your own wedding, things are such a whirlwind that something as simple as holding on to our own marriage certificate will be very difficult. Once we got back, we had the pleasure of meeting up with Liv to pick everything up and have a follow up chat.

Liv helped make our wedding perfect in more ways than I can write. If you are looking for an officiant in Colorado to cater to you, look no further. I highly recommend Liv for her wedding planning and officiant services. You’ll know you are in good hands if you choose her.

Ian M. 08/25/21