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Read about Abi + Alex's Maroon Bells Micro-Wedding that we coordinated which was featured in Insider & Wedding Chicks!


Image By: PJ  Van Schalkwyk Photography

 Pagan/ Alternative Officiant

Hi there!

I'm Liv...

Certified Minister

Will travel, Anywhere in the world!

Pagan, Occult ceremonies of all kinds


Marriage RitesHandfastings, Viking/Celtic Weddings (to name a few)!

Current Location: 
Denver, CO til Oct. 2024
Seattle, WA starting Nov. 2024

I love traveling, poetry, photography, science fiction movies, Freddie Mercury, strong coffee and soft rain. I also LOVE love! The snarky flirtation. The long conversations. That feeling when you hold hands in the car.The way you laugh together, explore together, and grow together.

Being a part of your special day is not only an honor to me, it is a genuine gift. For me, it's so much more than "officiating". It's being a part of your story and helping you write that story into the perfect ceremony.

Whether it's a classic hand fasting, a quirky micro-wedding or a romantic elopement... in town or on a mountaintop... I believe your ceremony deserves all the same care and attention that your relationship does, and should reflect the  amazing uniqueness of YOU.


If you want to laugh, then let's laugh! You want to include lyrics from your favorite song in your vows, a reference to your favorite anime in your I do's, a beer blending or blanket ceremony, a call to the ancestors or an elemental altar... LET'S DO IT!

And that is the spirit behind Let There Bee Love. I always tell my couple's that this is a very personal business for me, and it's true. I pour myself into building your ceremony script, defying normalcy and celebrating your story!

Snap Shot of a Recent Wedding

I cannot stress enough how good of a human Liv is. What could’ve easily felt like just another business transaction, instead felt like the formation of a genuine friendship. Lots of people SAY they care about their work. Liv is one of those rare few who SHOWS it— by carefully holding the stories and people she works with such authenticity and love. We are so grateful for her and our new friendship.
My Story
Image By Through Lu's Lens

Hello, my name is...

let's chat! we set up a time to meet (in person, via video chat, FaceTime, zoom)over coffee or cocktails, whatever suits you! An initial meeting will help us be sure we are an EPIC match!

(4+ mos)*

The Between Bits

what does this all mean (to you)? what do you want said (or not said)? what is love, is marriage, is a wedding (to you and to your partner)? do you want to laugh a lot or do you want it to be a more serene event? short and sweet or more detailed? together we will build the perfect ceremony to reflect the answers to all these things! 


(4 - 2 mos)

The Count Down

we have our script, we're writing our's getting close! the excitement sets in (sometimes so do the nerves)not to worry! i'm here to help! we'll get all those little details sorted! including a hand fasting, unity candle or other romantic ritual? we'll practice! 

1 month

The Process

The Austen

Classic, intimate, the small backyard wedding, the little garden party, the gorgeous vineyard or quirky in town venue. You are looking for a professional officiant to deliver a ceremony that tells your love story in 20 minutes or less. You don't have any family, religious or spiritual traditions of much consequence and want your ceremony to be short and sweet but with all the love. 

The Cruseo 

Wild and free! The wind in your hair, hiking boots on your feet! You want amazing views and intimate moments. From the Colorado rockies to wherever your heart may roam! You want an adventure, be it a hike, a flight or a ferry away! I am passport ready and excited to join you on the beach, the hillside, in an Italian villa or in the sandbars of the Caribbean!For more information about out of state/global travel,connect with me

The Selene

Wicca, Pagan, Native, Celtic, Indian, Buddhist, Daoist, Nordic... etc! Your faith and traditions are central to your ceremony. You want your ceremony to reflect the laws of nature, the influence of the elements, the power of your patrons and matrons. As an eclectic, I understand the difficulty in finding a priestess to perform marriage rites when you're not coven attached. I'm grateful to be considered in your search.  


how do you defy normalcy?

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Image By: Hayley B Chapman


Image By: Sarah Goff Photo

Haliegh Wehr Photography

Image By: Canyon Spirit Photo

The Mentor

You have a friend or family member that you would prefer to have wed you, but they have never done this before and do not know how to start. Start here, with a little help from a pro who literally does this all the time. I provide one, two and three class mentorships for $50 per class to help your loved one become altar ready, build the perfect script, plan for altar mishaps and provide the best personally professional experience for you and your guests!

Sutherlan & Blake Wedding-204.jpg

Image By: Silk & Sage


Image By: Friends & Lovers Photography

The Shakespeare (Vows)

Did you know that in Colorado you can elope/wed on your own??? That's right! You don't even need me (sad face). If you're looking for the ultimate intimate ceremony without even an officiant but need a little help with those vows, the structure of a self led ceremony or anything else, hit me up! I am happy to lend a hand, an ear, a pen, whatever you need!


My Services

Liv's Story

Wife. Writer. Wanderer. Witch.

I am a wanderer, a writer and a wife. I never need an excuse to hop on a plane, train or spaceship anywhere anytime. I love the outdoors, randomly bursting into song and cooking dinner with my husband every night. I'm a golden hour addict and amateur photographer, will never turn down a martini (my favorites are espresso and black manhattans) and always, ALWAYS, cry when people dance together in the movies.

live this life my ever patient, ever adventuring Sagittarius husband and our calico cat Athena. I'm obsessively organized (Capricorn Moon and Rising) but my childlike wonder and excitement for life is unmatched (Aries Sun). I collect shiny rocks, talk to inanimate objects and somehow remember every word to every song I have ever heard. 

I first began writing when I was 8 years old, published my first book at 16 and have continued a "career" in poetry and science fiction novels alongside a "normal  job" for the past 14 years. Creative writing is a true passion and skill that I am grateful to use in this way.

I have a degree in history and religions. I love myth, folklore, culture, humanity! I am pagan, and as such particularly knowledgable about traditional pagan ceremonies. But don't let that deter you. I have married hundreds of couples of various spiritual and secular other faiths (including Nordic, Peyote, Celtic, Hindu, Daoist, Buddhist, and more) and many different ceremony structures are well within my capabilities. I have an understanding of MANY different religious traditions, and what I don't know, I love to learn! 

I am semi-successful plant momma, lover of lattes and guilty of repeating the same underground indie song for 5+ hours whenever I am working on my new novel.


I am a canvas painter, check list maker, and stressful situation dissolver. It was upon planning my own micro wedding and writing my own ceremony that I fell in love with this process.  It's truly a passion for me! I'm so excited to be a part of your special day, and I cannot wait to meet you!

Image By AshleeKay Photo

The Big Day

I'll meet you at the altar!
Or the mountaintop... you know, whichever.

your vows? i've got them.
tissues? i've got them.
just take a deep breath, and here we go!

The Reflection

how did it go? how do you feel? it's important to me to connect with couples after the wedding to me to ensure everything was just how you imagined. Congratulations! you did it! what a journey lies before you!

2-3 weeks after

*my process is structured to give us the best possible connection and thus, give you the best possible ceremony. if you are less than 4 months to your wedding, don't worry! we can still get you a beautiful ceremony script in time. please contact me directly to talk about how the process fits into your timeline. 


Image By: Hennesey Photo Co. 

"She's also such a sweet and genuine person person and from the first call with her we felt like good friends."

Love Letters


So you made it! Now, you can use this handy dandy little form here to send me a message. ask me anything! Just be sure to include your name, your fiancée's name, the date and time of your wedding/ceremony, the package you are interested in and anything else I need to know (ie. location, budget, guest count, faith). Have I mentioned how excited I am to meet you?

Getting To Know You

Can we personalize our ceremony?  Absolutely! In fact, if you’re looking for a “by the book” ceremony, I may not be your gal.


How can we book you?  Simply connect with me to check availability for your date! We will schedule a quick 20 minute "hi nice to meet you" chat, I will send you a booking form and invoice... BAM! It’s that easy!


Will you come to our wedding rehearsal?  As a coordinator, always, I will be leading it! As an officiant, rarely. We will read through your script together prior and make sure it is everything we want it to be. I find it is not necessary typically for me to be at the rehearsal as the officiant. But if you prefer me to, I ask that you give me at least 3 weeks notice of the date so I can have it cleared and I may ask a travel fee depending on the location. 


What about ceremony sound? I have all sorts of microphone experience from hand held to stand to wearable. I am happy to accommodate whatever your DJ has for you, I just ask that if it is wearable, you inform me ahead of time so I can dress appropriately for a mic clip. As far as providing sound equipment? That’s not my forte. I believe its best to leave these mechanical things up to the professionals. :)


Do you stay for the dinner/ wedding reception?  That is up to you!  If you would like me to attend your reception I do ask to be granted a plus one. I am no fun at any party without my partner in crime. 


Do we need to tip you?  It's never expected… but I always appreciate it. 


What if I have to change my start time or wedding date?  I understand, life happens! Just please let me know ASAP, so we can work on a solution together.  I promise I will do my best to accommodate craziness as it comes up. 


How do you sign the license?  I sign the license as Priestess with "Reverend." in quotes next to it. I am legally ordained to perform wedding ceremonies. While you dont necessarily need it in some states, I’ll be happy to provide my signature… just make sure to get AND bring the Marriage License.  


Do you file the license or do we?  This is a very FAQ :) You are responsible for getting the license from a clerk/recorder's office. You bring that to the wedding. We sign, and your witnesses sign too. At that point, you can return the license to the same clerk/recorder's office from which it was obtained. It’s better if you bring it back since they can make copies for you immediately avoiding any possible delays or oops. 

When do we pay you?  For officiating, 50% is due upon the signing of the contract after our first meeting and you officially hire me. The remaining 50% balance is due no later than 14 days prior to the wedding date. 


How much do you charge?  Investment is based on three factors: hours for planning assistance, hours on the ground at your event and travel estimates. My lowest project investment last year $300 and my highest investment was $2,500. Contact me directly to get a custom quote for your wedding.


Do you charge travel fees? I’m based in Lone Tree, Colorado and only charge a travel fee if your venue is more than 50 miles (round trip) away.  For an exact quote, connect with me!

Will you both coordinate and officiate for us? That depends on two things: the size of your guest list and the venue of your wedding. If you are having a small wedding/elopement of no more than 50 friends and family and this is in a national park, a backyard, a home, a small venue or a restaurant (etc.), I am happy to provide both services for officiating and coordination. I can help you build timelines, coordinate your getting ready, first look, guests arrival to the venue and so much more. If your wedding size is just over this, or if you have other questions/concerns (you know the drill) just shoot me a message and we can talk all the details!

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