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The Girl Who Killed Gods

A Story of Life After Death

Star Cluster

“You discover that your longings are universal longings, that you're not lonely and isolated from anyone. You belong.” 


His Story

To escape the war and genocide of his people, heir to the throne of Lucidan and one true king of the Morphis system Annal’Amin learns and performs the sacred rite of Glan’dac’dan along with his queen mother and beloved tutor. But as novices to the art of “souls dance” the trio finds themselves inadvertently "dancing" further back in time than they intended to a 21st century Earth and must seamlessly adopt the the mundane suburban lifestyle of a family recently killed in a private plane crash. While in hiding under the guise of teenage boy Neil Black, the would-be-king befriends a seemingly ordinary human girl, Hannah Stone. But is Hannah all she seems to be or could a far more ancient, far more dangerous story be waiting to to told? 

Her Story

The victim of a bet between Life and Death, Vhylia Agnaldra is hired to steal two very important books from a library at the end of Existence. Before she can complete the job, the multiverse’s most renowned assassin is interrupted by a villain from her past and forced into exile on the only planet where she cannot be found: Earth. Hiding in the body of a human, however, has particular challenges she could not anticipate, namely, forgetting everything about her previous life.

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