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But What About...

You have questions. We know that. Planning an elopement or micro-wedding brings up a lot of unique concerns. Where, when, how, and all the other important "what abouts"... we've got you! Here's a list of some concerns we see most often and, hopefully, some information to help put you more at ease. 

All The Answers To All The Questions

How do we help you elope in Colorado?

Colorado is speckled with stunning locations for an elopement or micro-wedding, you just have to know where to look (which, we do!). But beyond finding that perfect spot, wading through permits, leaving time to look through legalities and picking an elopement package that’s the perfect fit for you… well, that’s what you have us for!


Should I have an elopement or a micro wedding?

That’s entirely up to you! Some obvious differences between an elopement and a micro-wedding are location and size. If you are looking to run off to the mountains, the lake or even the ice caves with your sweetheart and say “I do” in the serenity of nature alone…you want to elope! If you plan to have 2-10 of your closest friends and family with you on a trailhead, gathered into a quaint AirBNB or small venue…that’s a micro-wedding babe! 


How do I pick a venue…or a mountain?

There are a lot of options when it comes to venues both open air and roofed for elopements and micro-weddings in Colorado. We have compiled a list of our favorites but our vendors have as well! 

How much does it cost to elope in Colorado?

Colorado was MADE for elopement. Which makes our job easier and your day more affordable. Check for flights into Denver off season (if you are coming from out of state), consider renting a 4x4 vehicle (if you don’t already own one) for deep mountain and winter elopement locations.  

Let There Bee Love’s Colorado elopement vendors are hand picked with a range of budgets in mind. 1-2 Vendor Weddings with our vendors basic package pricing can be as little as  $2000. 


How do I choose the right vendors for my elopement/micro-wedding?

Let’s chat about your vision! Flowers…massive and luscious or simple and natural? Location, 2o minute drive from town or 3 hours into the wilderness? Hair, make up? Live musicians or a bluetooth speaker? Are there any guests? Will there be dinner or just appetizers and desserts? And of course, will you want a photographer there to snap a photo of every moment? A videographer, perhaps as well, to truly capture the moments for those who could not be there to witness your special day? It may seem daunting to decide, but the right vendors can absolutely make all the difference for the over all feel, look and energy of your day. Let There Bee Love has a select list of hand picked vendors for you to choose from, vendors we chose based on their style, their passion for elopement weddings and their package pricing to fit your vision. 



From photos to flowers, music to makeup, desserts to day-of coordination, once your choose one of our elopement packages, we connect you directly with the vendors who best match your vision, so you can ask questions, talk numbers and choose your perfect fit.


Keep in mind that our vendors are all local and thus have a plethora of inside information regarding locations, lodging, and all the little things you may not have thought of. Both our coordinator and our vendors are ready and willing to answer any question you may have. We want to make your day perfect in every way!

When is best to elope in  Colorado?

In Colorado, we have a saying, “If you don’t like the weather, just give it 5 minutes.” And it can quite literally change that quickly, especially in Spring and Fall. With that being said, nearly every season in Colorado is STUNNING in a uniquely different way. The most popular months to elope are May and September, due to their “ideal” temperature ranges. However, Colorado is nearly always sunny (for at least half of the day on our more weather days) and due to the shorter nature of elopements even a day forecasted rain could be gorgeous for your event (have you ever seen a rainy day sunset!). 


If you’re looking for golden yellow Aspens in Summit county, plan for a week in September. Wildflower fields painted in your dreams? Plan for the end of July. Spanning snow, frozen lakes, and ice castles are best in February-April (our snowiest months). Some locations are not accessible during the winter months, for legal and safety reasons. But don’t worry, there are literally 1000s to choose from! 


If you are a bada** winter eloper be sure to bring a jacket, gloves, warm boots and stockings. Even if you plan to have pictures without, you will absolutely need the proper clothing to keep warm in our Colorado climate. Colorado is as unpredictable as it is gorgeous and a 60 degree sunny day can drop to 20 degrees in 2 hours near sunset. HIgher elevation means it can be 7o degrees in Denver and snowing in the mountains, sunny at noon and hailing by 3pm. Locals typically dress for mild weather and carry a jacket (and umbrella) with them in their cars or into work because you just never know here in the Rockies! You can always incorporate winter attire into your wedding look as well! The hiking boot bride is a Colorado bride! A little Rockies secret from us to you: the puffer vest…you won’t be disappointed.



What’s the best time of day to elope in Colorado?

Denver isn’t called the Mile High City for nothing. Colorado sits at an extremely high altitude in comparison to the rest of the US. This means that even in the heart of winter…we experience very bright sun. For this reason, mid-day ceremonies (especially in the snow covered winter) can be too glaringly bright for crisp photos.  As you may have guessed, the absolute best lighting for an elopement is near the much celebrated “Golden Hour”. This can be difficult to predict, especially in the mountains, but it typically occurs an hour before sunset. If you want to have your couple photos, portraits and other shots taken during this “Golden Hour” plan your ceremony at least 2.5 hours before sunset. A ceremony typically only lasts 20-30 minutes, but pocketing extra time lets you run a little bit late, take your time and not rush off for photos, and have enough time to hike out to the perfect spot for snaps. Sunrise is also an amazing choice and offers a unique serenity as you will likely have the sweeping views to yourself!



Tell me about Colorado Elopement Laws

Colorado has a super easy application process! Did you know a marriage license from any county in Colorado can be used in any other county? Just keep in mine, your license always has to be filed in the county you obtained it in. That means that if you’re staying in Denver and get your marriage license there, you can still use it for your Rocky Mountain National Park elopement and then mail it back to Denver. 

Colorado marriage licenses cost $30 and are good immediately upon getting them (same day) and for 35 days after. The easiest way to file is to fill out an online application for the county you’ll be staying in, then show up in person together to officially file for your license (you do have to show up in person together, and reservations are required; if there are no appointments available for your dates, try a neighboring county). You will need to provide proof of age (driver’s license, passport, etc.), your social security number if you’re a U.S. citizen, your place of birth, as well as your parents’ names, and current addresses.


You can get married the same day in Colorado?

You can! Cool right? Colorado’s marriage license doesn’t have a waiting period, so you can use it the day you receive it.


And I don’t need witnesses to elope in Colorado?

That’s right! The state of Colorado does not require witnesses to solemnize a marriage! Good news for you, elopers!  But if you do wish to have witnesses, or your furry friend present, there are two spots for witnesses to sign OR for your dog to ink their paw print (and yes, it’s totally legal!).

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